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Rhino Synthetico

A core of compressed multi-layered hardwood fibres using waterproof synthetic resin. Top and bottom surfaces have multiple layers of Synthetic film.

Core: Hardwood Fibres
Resin: Waterproof synthetic resin
Board Thickness: 10 - 70 mm Thick
Expected Lifespan: 5-8 Years
Application: Manufacturing of Concrete Products

Rhino Synthetico

  1. Top and bottom surfaces of pallets for concrete block machines constitute of Resin Coated Abrasion Resistant Synthetic film for protection against wear & tear.
  2. The core of the Production board are cross laid veneers of densified hardwood fibres. Number of layers depend on thickness requirements.
  3. Each side has one steel mesh reinforcement to equally distribute the vibrations over the complete area of the production pallet. It ensures that the vibrations are most optimally transmitted and distributed in the pallet for concrete block machine.
  4. Five layers of Select Asian Hardwood Veneers, saturated with resin, are inserted between Steel Mesh and Synthetic Film layer for additional stability of pallet in production of concrete blocks.
  5. All corners of the pallets are saw cut & all edges chamfered to avoid damages to the pallet and the concrete block machine. All saw cut sides are impregnated with Polyurethane based coating to avoid moisture absorption.
  6. Synthetic Films have traditionally been used in Construction Formwork for not only shaping of concrete, but also to guard against the corrosiveness of concrete. It ensures that the core of the pallet stays protected against all the corrosiveness of the concrete.
  7. Pallets for concrete block machines are pressed under extremely high temperature and pressure to ensure trouble free operations of pallets in order to have a long lasting life.

These Composite Boards can be used as :

  • Composite Production Pallets for MASA 9.1XL & 9.2XL Block Machines
  • Composite Production Pallets for HESS RH1500 & RH2000 Block Machines
  • Composite Production Pallets for HAREX GOLD-2010 Block Machine
  • Composite Production Pallets for ZENITH Block Machine
  • Composite Production Pallets for KVM Block Machine
  • Composite Production Pallets for FRIMA Block Machine
  • Composite Production Pallets for BESSER Block Machine