Our Pallets far outlast traditional pallets. Truth or Myth?

Evolution in material forms has always been associated as an indicator of progress of any system or society. Humans have progressed by improving existing systems since time immemorial and Rhino Composite Pallets are no exception.

Born out of sheer requirement to technologically improve the status quo in pallet manufacturing, as also to challenge the supremacy of monopolistic supply; Rhino Composite Pallets have evolved primarily from commercial market requirement, and perfected to enhance the overall experience of concrete block manufacturing. With an aim to satisfy every user, these production boards have been designed from ground up, embracing the best qualities of traditional timber. Making a seamless surface further perfected it, as board joints traditionally have been a nightmare of any production manager to create consistent quality of concrete products.

Multiple types of surfaces were created and tested rigorously to ensure that the boards are able to offer consistent resistance to the abrasive nature of concrete, topped with continuous grinding with steel surfaces of the handling system in any concrete block manufacturing facility. Price forms one of the main basis of any products, and three different surface finishes are offer to the clients catering to different budgetary requirements. While a Glass Fibre finish is superlative offering extremely high abrasion resistance, Industrial Fabric and Synthetic films offer varied degrees of abrasion resistance.

The core of Rhino Composite Pallet is formed by numerous cross laid thin veneers shaved from planation hardwood. They are individually coated in Industrial Strength Waterproof Resin, and then hydraulically pressed using superheated steam. The whole process results in formation of a waterproof board ideal to be used in concrete block manufacturing. To keep the quality of resin consistent, it is manufactured in-house to ensure constant quality and supply without any dependence on outside factors.

Any product is considered superlative if it is able to reduce costs and improve the quality of the end product, a concrete block in this case. This is the founding basis of Rhino Composite Pallet’s design, and a dense pallet is a testimony to that design idea. High consistent density ensures transmission of vibrations across the pallet, from the vibrating table to the raw concrete, in a very efficient way. It ensures that the vibrations are not absorbed by the pallet, and get passed on to the concrete for product formation in minimum time possible.

One of major qualities of Rhino Composite Pallets is the possibility of refurbishing these pallets. Once the pallets, after years of continuous working, show signs of aging; they can be refurbished to make them last a few years more. All that is needed is grinding using 36 Grit to remove any undesired surface; to be used immediately thereafter.

Consistent to the quality of manufacturing, Rhino Composite Pallets come with a standard 3-year replacement warranty as long as they are not abused and manufacturers’ recommendations followed. It is in our long-term interests that our clients remain completely satisfied with Rhino Composite Pallets as well as the services associated with it.

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