Are Rhino Composite Pallets technologically superior?

All production pallets for concrete blocks that you see in market today exist because of any or more inherent quality in terms of usefulness or price. All of them have their own advantages in one form or another, enabling their respective manufacturers to keep serving their customers. However, as a manufacturer of concrete products, you need to see an overall perspective since buying pallets for concrete products is a decision that demands considerable financial resources. This also necessitates the fact that due research is necessary before reaching on a conclusion about the best option available to you, and the long/short terms benefits that can be derived from such a decision.

Lest first talk about the technical superiority of Rhino Composite Pallets in terms of engineering excellence associated with it.

It all starts with the core of Rhino Composite Pallets. The core is made of numerous thin veneer sheets shaved off hydraulically from plantation hardwood timber. Each veneer sheet is manually checked for quality, and always used in cross-laid fashion increasing the overall core strength manyfold. Rhino Composite Pallets is perhaps the only product that uses hardwood in manufacturing of core with a board density exceeding 1,000 kg/m3 that can be further increased to 1,200 kg/m3 at specific client request. Noticeably, nearest we have seen is 700 kg/m3 making Rhino Pallets around 40% denser enabling better vibration transmission. Better vibration transmission logically cuts down on total time required for vibration, and consequently shorter overall cycle time for production of each pallet of concrete products.

The core of Rhino Composite Pallets is pressed using 3,300 Tonne Hydraulic Press using superheated steam for prolonged time ensuring multiple veneer layers are permanently glued together. To further ensure long term consistent performance, boards are double pressed upside down a second time. This increases the lifespan of the board in highly challenging conditions prevalent in any concrete products manufacturing factory.

A choice of three surfaces is offered by Rhino Composite Pallets to meet specific requirements of individual customers around the world. From the standard synthetic film surface to interwoven industrial fabric to the most technologically advanced Glass Fibre surfaces give clients varied forms of surfaces. All the offered surfaces have their own individual qualities in terms of resistance to abrasion by Concrete Products and increase the overall lifespan of pallets.

Best way to experience the technical superiority of Rhino Composite Pallets would be to try out a few pallets of different surfaces and see the difference in quality achieved in your products.

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