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Rhino Plywood Pallets for Concrete Block Machines –Technologically superior with distinct advantages over Softwood, Hardwood and Plastic Pallets.

Designed to Last.

Rhino Composite Production Pallets are designed to last through harsh and abrasive working conditions for production of Concrete Blocks, Pavers and other concrete products in various types of concrete block machines. Rhino composite pallets are manufactured with three different varieties of surfaces to cater individual requirements of concrete block manufacturers around the world. Surfaces of Synthetic Film, Industrial Fabric or Glass Fibre offer different levels of resistances to the abrasive nature of concrete products.
The Rhino Composite Pallets has high density than Hardwood, Softwood and Plastic Production Boards for Concrete Blocks which ensures efficient transmission of vibration to the concrete. Available in all sizes with thickness upto 70mm.

Production Boards for Concrete Blocks
High Density Pallets

High Density Pallets

Ensures Efficient Vibration Transmission

Pallets with Long Life

Pallets with Long Life

Abrasion Resistant Engineered Surfaces

Minimum Deflection

Minimum Deflection

Perfect Blocks, Anytime. Every Time

Rhino concrete block machine pallets are manufactured in all sizes, up to a thickness of 70mm. Manufactured in state of the art Hydraulic Presses and exclusive use of tropical plantation hardwood fibres in manufacturing ensures consistent quality that outlasts ordinary softwood and hardwood pallets for concrete block manufacturing.

Different types of engineered surfaces are offered that ensure long life of trouble free services by the pallets.

Composite Pallet

High Density ensures Efficient Vibration Transmission

Manufacture upto One Million More Standard Blocks per year for Every 2 Second reduction in production cycle.

Manufacturing flexibility allows us to offer all sizes, qualities and designs based on client specifications depending upon requirement of pallets for concrete block machine. Rhino Composite Pallets are made keeping in view individual client requirements of their Concrete Block Factory. Some of the factors like handling systems, product weight, concrete block machine, curing room conditionalities etc. are kept in view during pallet designing.

3,300 Tonnes of Prolonged Compression using Superheated Steam
Ensure high density and waterproof adhesiveness of our composite pallets

Fibres from Renewable Plantations

Hardwood fibres are sourced from renewable plantations. Minimises the environmental impact of pallets.

Steel Mesh Tolerating vibrations

Embedded steel mesh and consistent high density ensures efficient and uniform transmission of vibrations.


Top surfaces of pallets are offered with Industrial Fabric, Synthetic Film and Glass Fibre as per client requirements.

Ready with its corners cut and edges chamfered.
All saw cut edges are impregnated with Polyurethane based coatings to secure the edges.

Benefits of Rhino Composite Pallets

Strong and Homogeneous.Faster cycle times.
Excellent vibration transmission.Minimum deflection.
One solid piece. No gaps or joints.Lesser Power Consumption.
No moisture problems, even if chipped.Regrind and refurbish.
High block density.Less wear to machines and moulds.
Vibrational Stress Compatibility.Quick and Consistent Compaction.
Perfect Plain Surfaces.Sturdy Pallets, Sustained Quality.
Hardwood Fibre Fortification Long life

The numerous benefits and features of the composite pallets makes it clear choice against other commercially available materials like Softwood, Hardwood, Plastic or Steel.